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Magyar Suzuki Corporation

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Esztergom Suzuki Plant Does Not Ship to Russia, Ukraine

Mar 10, 2022

Magyar Suzuki has announced that it stopped exporting cars to Russia and Ukraine from March because of the war, the company said in response to questions from Reuters news agency, the financial news site reports. The company used to sell around 10,000 new cars a year in the two countries and now wants to […]

Suzuki: Secrets of a Market Leader

Sándor Laczkó
Mar 2, 2022

With 17,650 passenger cars registered, Magyar Suzuki Corporation (SMC) reached 14.48% market share on the domestic new passenger car market in 2021. The brand has been leading new passenger car sales in Hungary for six years. The Japanese brand, which sells hybrid passenger cars in the EU markets in line with the group’s green aspirations, […]

Hungarian Carmakers Hit by Global Chip Shortage

Oct 31, 2021

The global shortage of microchip semiconductors has also caused production to falter at Hungarian car manufacturers, with the unpredictability of parts arrivals making the previously normal order fulfilment pattern untenable. Companies interviewed by the state news agency MTI said that they are trying to cope with the situation by analyzing the market and organizing production […]

Another Car Plant Forced to Halt Production in Hungary

Aug 30, 2021

Like the Mercedes factory in Kecskemét, the Suzuki factory in Esztergom is also forced to shut down due to the global microchip shortage, the company told the Hungarian language Slovakian daily Új Szó, which reports that the factory will be shut down between September 6 and 18. During the shutdown, the factory will provide rest […]

Magyar Suzuki: Three Decades in Hungary

Jul 15, 2021

Magyar Suzuki Corporation, the only European manufacturing unit of the Japanese parent company to date, is celebrating its 30th anniversary of founding this year. From the very beginning, the company has been engaged in full-scale manufacturing activities in Hungary. As the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency reports, since the company's foundation three decades ago, about 3.6 […]

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