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Hungary and Poland thwart joint EU declaration on migration

Oct 13, 2023

An informal European Union summit convened in Granada, Spain, took an unexpected turn when the Prime Ministers of Hungary and Poland blocked a joint EU declaration on migration. The two leaders compelled delegates to omit a passage regarding member countries' views on migration from the carefully crafted declaration that had been in the works for […]

Hungary Opposes ‘Unrestricted’ Admittance of Afghan Refugees

Aug 20, 2021

Hungary’s government stressed that it will not permit an unrestricted inflow of migrants from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover of the country. Meanwhile, Hungary is planning an evacuation operation to bring the remaining Hungarians and Afghans, who aided Hungary out of the capital, Kabul. The Hungarian government will not allow Afghan migrants to enter the […]

Migrants arrive at Lampedusa Sicily | Vito Manzari/Wikipedia

Visegrád Group to help Italy and Libya

Dec 14, 2017

At their meeting in Brussels, the leaders of the Visegrád Four countries have decided to provide support for the implementation of the Project, led by the Italian government in cooperation with the Commission, aimed at protecting the borders in Libya.

Hungarian police officers before setting off to Serbia and Macedonia |

Hungarian police to Macedonia and Serbia

Aug 22, 2017

Hungarian police, who will be taking part in border control operations, have set off for Serbia and Macedonia, to help local authorities reinforce border security along the Macedonian-Greek and Serbian-Bulgarian borders.

Hungarian police officers before deployed to Serbia and Macedonia | Károly Árvai /

Hungarian police to Serbia and Macedonia

Feb 6, 2017

Hungary is sending new contingents of police to Serbia and Macedonia. This is the tenth time that Hungary is sending police units to Macedonia, and the fourth time to Serbia. So far, 385 Hungarian police officers have served along the Balkan migration route.

PM Viktor Orbán in the studio of state channel Radio Kossuth | Szilárd Koszticsák / MTI

PM Orbán to erect new border fence

Aug 26, 2016

Hungary’s fence on its border with Serbia will be reinforced with the instalment of a second barrier, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told state radio on Friday. The new fence will be built using the latest technology, the Hungarian news agency MTI reports.

A group pf migrants near Horgos on the Serbian side of the Hungarian-Serb border | Edvárd Molnár / MTI

Polish reinforcement to be sent to Hungary border

Jul 11, 2016

Poland will send another contingent of border guards to help patrol Hungary’s southern border, Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced after a meeting with his Visegrád Four (V4) counterparts in Warsaw on Monday.


Migration issue meeting in Budapest

Jun 21, 2016

A meeting to review illegal migration in the Western Balkans was held in the Hungarian capital,
attended by representatives of 13 countries, the European Union’s border control agency Frontex and the European police cooperation organisation Europol.

Migrants in a guarded center in Békéscsaba

Migrant protest in Hungary

Jun 6, 2016

Migrants in a guarded center in Békéscsaba, SE Hungary, have demanded - in messages written on bedsheets - that they should be allowed to leave the center and they believe the processing of their asylum requests are too slow.

Hungarian police off to Macedonia |

Hungarian police to Greek-Macedonian border

May 24, 2016

Hungary has sent a third police contingent to help patrol the Greek-Macedonian border. According to the website of the national police force, the contingent consisting of 25 officers will mainly be carrying out border patrol tasks with their Macedonian colleagues.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán arrives for his radio interview | Szilárd Koszticsák / MTI

Viktor Orbán blames George Soros

May 20, 2016

In his usual Friday radio interview, Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán said that the strength of the Hungarian opposition cannot match the political influence of the organisations financed by billionaire George Soros, which constitute “a background power”.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán annoubcing the anti-quota referendum | Szilárd Koszticsák / MTI

Hungarian gov't to hold anti-quota referendum

Feb 24, 2016

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has announced that his government decided to call a referendum to reject the European Union's mandatory quota system on the settlement of migrants in Hungary. Many say such a referendum is unconstitutional.

Police car at the border fence damaged by illegal migrants | Zoltán Gergely Kelemen / MTI

More migrants arrive to Hungary despite the fence

Feb 9, 2016

On February 9 alone, a group of 24 people, identifying themselves as the citizens of Pakistan, India and Nepal, was caught in the Röszke area, near the city of Szeged, after they cut through the fence on the Serbo-Hungarian border and entered Hungary illegally.

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