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Cézanne to Malevich - Arcadia to Abstraction

Oct 27, 2021

Nine years after the hugely successful exhibition Cézanne and the Past: Tradition and Creativity, the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest hosts another show linked to Cezanne. It explores the connections between the œuvre of the French master and French Avant-garde art from 1906 to 1930. The exhibition takes a new approach to Paul Cezanne’s œuvre […]

Amenhotep II and His Age Exhibition in Budapest

Sep 16, 2021

World-class material will be on display at the Museum of Fine Arts where the exhibition "Amenhotep II and his agee - The discovery of the tomb of Pharaoh" opens this Friday in the Hungarian capital. The exhibition presents the age of Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep II and the sensational discovery of his tomb with the life-size […]

Romanesque Hall Reopens in Budapest Museum

Sep 20, 2020

After being closed for almost three months due to damage by the pouring rain, the Romanesque Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts can be visited again from this weekend. The hall had to be closed in mid-June, as the museum was soaked due to the extreme rain that was pouring in at the time, […]

Royal Academy of Arts London | courtesy of Royal Academy of Arts

Londoners falling for Budapest

It seems that the exhibition ‘Treasures from Budapest’ at London’s Royal Academy of Arts is a surefire block-buster. Visited by 5,000 people in one weekend, the show proves to be so popular that it might take a European tour next year.

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