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Decreasing Profit at Nestlé Hungária

Oct 1, 2022

Nestlé Hungária's profit fell to HUF 1.483 billion in the first half of the year from HUF 1.975 billion last year, according to a report published on the website of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE). The food company's half-year sales increased from HUF 82.9 billion to HUF 103.9 billion, including foreign sales from HUF 17.2 […]

The Town of Bük Goes Dog-Friendly

Aug 12, 2022

The popular western Hungarian spa town of Bük will turn into a real dog paradise after Nestlé Hungária's PURINA division launches the program ‘Dog-friendly Bük’ in cooperation with the local authorities and local entrepreneurs. A statement by the company says that in Hungary and globally, pets are gaining ground in tourism. More and more people […]

New Investment at Nestlé's Pet Food Factory in Bük

Nov 8, 2021

Nestlé Hungária starts yet another major investment in their pet food factory in Bük. In the framework of the more than EUR 96 million capacity extension project creating 120 jobs, a new wet food plant of 16,000 square meters will be established, where two new aluminum pouch production lines and 50 new robots will be […]

Progress is a Must

Oct 18, 2021

In 2021, Nestlé Hungária is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The Hungarian subsidiary of the Swiss food group is the largest Swiss investor, employer and food company in Hungary. Nestlé Hungária remains highly active and plans its future on sustainability and automatization. The company is not only proud of its history, but also looks to the […]

Despite the Pandemic, 2020 was Successful for Nestlé

Feb 18, 2021

In part, it was the outstanding performance of the pet food business that determined the global organic growth of the Nestlé group of companies in 2020. In addition, the 3.6% year-on-year growth was due to the U.S. markets and Nestlé’s health science business. The trading operating profit margin increased by 210 basis points year-on-year to […]

Nestlé Aims to Be Carbon-Neutral by 2050

Feb 9, 2021

The Swiss multinational food and drink processing conglomerate corporation Nestlé has issued a statement explaining its top priorities for Europe, Middle East, and North Africa to reach its 2050 net-zero climate goal. Net zero means that the company drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain from raw material production to consumption (farm to […]

Nestlé to Launch Large Food Development Project

Oct 11, 2020

An EUR 140 million investment is in focus in Nestlé's production center in Bük (W Hungary), which supplies pet food to over 50 countries around the world. With this development, the factory's capacity will be increased by an additional 30%, at the same time creating 160 new jobs, which will soon make the plant into […]

New Managers at Nestlé Hungária

Jun 10, 2020

From August this year, Alberto Vercelli, who previously held the position of business manager in the South American region, will take over the management of Nestlé's Hungarian Nespresso business. At the same time, Panna Miklós will take over the management of Nestlé Hungária Confectionery from June. According to a press release, Alberto Vercelli began his […]

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