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Nestlé to Tackle Child Labor Risks in Cocoa Production

Jan 27, 2022

The Swiss multinational food and drink processing conglomerate corporation Nestlé has announced a new plan to tackle child labor risks in cocoa production. At the center is an innovative income accelerator program, which aims to improve the livelihoods of cocoa-farming families, while also advancing regenerative agriculture practices and gender equality. A cash incentive will be […]

Nearly 4,000 Kgs of Coffee Pods Collected at MediaMarkt

Oct 27, 2021

In March this year, Nestlé launched a new coffee pod collection and recycling scheme for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto coffee pods and since then, nearly 4,000 kilograms of coffee pods have been collected by consumers. Over the past seven months, the company has continued to expand the list of collection points, and used coffee capsules can […]

Nescafé Pods Collected at Media Markt

Mar 5, 2021

This March, Nestlé will launch a new coffee pod collection and recycling system for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto capsules, so the company can take another significant step towards achieving a circular economy by working with consumers. For the time being, coffee fans can dispose of the used pods in five designated Media Markt stores, but the […]

Despite the Pandemic, 2020 was Successful for Nestlé

Feb 18, 2021

In part, it was the outstanding performance of the pet food business that determined the global organic growth of the Nestlé group of companies in 2020. In addition, the 3.6% year-on-year growth was due to the U.S. markets and Nestlé’s health science business. The trading operating profit margin increased by 210 basis points year-on-year to […]

Nestlé Aims to Be Carbon-Neutral by 2050

Feb 9, 2021

The Swiss multinational food and drink processing conglomerate corporation Nestlé has issued a statement explaining its top priorities for Europe, Middle East, and North Africa to reach its 2050 net-zero climate goal. Net zero means that the company drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain from raw material production to consumption (farm to […]

How To Become an Environmentally Conscious Customer?

Sep 30, 2020

Demand for food rebounded during the epidemic. The number of online purchases increased by 15% in the first quarter*, but due to increased consumption, unfortunately, more household waste and wasted food may end up in the trash. While there is more and more talk about a sustainable lifestyle, sustainable transport, many still do not rethink […]

Nespresso Coffee To Be Carbon Neutral by 2022

Sep 17, 2020

Nespresso today commits that every cup of Nespresso coffee, both for at-home and for professional customers, will be carbon neutral by 2022. This new ambition builds on more than 10 years of work during which Nespresso has reduced its carbon emissions and compensated the remainder through agroforestry. "Climate change is a reality and our future […]

Nestlé: a Resilient, Responsible Firm

Sep 2, 2020

Nestlé cared for not only its employees’ health during the emergency situation caused by the new coronavirus pandemic but also for their financial security. The financial indicators of the first six months show that steps taken to support company employees and those in need were clearly successful from an economic viewpoint as well. Nestlé Hungária […]

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