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Hungary’s Goal of Carbon Neutrality May Be an Economic Blessing

Jun 10, 2022

Despite significant costs, achieving the climate target of zero emissions by 2050 may prove a competitive advantage for Hungary, according to a recent study by McKinsey. The analysis outlines a path that will have a clear positive impact not only on climate protection objectives, but also on economic growth, job creation, energy independence and Hungary's […]

Budapest Airport On Course Towards Zero Emissions

Jan 25, 2022

In 2021, Budapest Airport once again took huge steps to maintain its carbon neutral operations and achieve its sustainability goals. Last year, the company further reduced its direct carbon dioxide emissions, which are now half the level of ten years ago, while emissions per passenger were only one third of 2011 levels, the operator of […]

Not Enough for a Carbon-Neutral Economy

Mar 24, 2021

Although 31% of leading companies already have net zero emissions targets, this figure is below the international benchmarks and below the level required for real change For the first time, a research has been conducted on the status quo of the Hungarian business sector in relation to carbon-neutral operations. The picture is not so bright, […]

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