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Strong House Prices Rise in the Budapest Agglomeration

Aug 18, 2022

Residential property prices have risen sharply in all areas of Budapest's agglomeration in the first half of the year, with most settlements seeing a 30-40% increase in prices compared to last year's average price, the property agency Otthon Centrum says in an analysis based on its own data. The real estate brokerage network recalls that […]

Garages Prices Up by 18% in Hungary

Feb 21, 2022

Last year, garages were 18% more expensive than a year before according to sales data, with their average price exceeding HUF 5 million, the real estate agency Otthon Centrum told the state news agency MTI on Monday, based on its network data. The statement quoted Gábor Soóki-Tóth, Otthon Centrum's head of analysis, who said that […]

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