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Hungarians Expect the Return of COVID-19 Restrictions

Sep 14, 2021

Many people expect to be able to re-enter certain places only after they have confirmed that they have been vaccinated against, or have previously survived, the coronavirus infection. 79% of Hungarians believe that the presentation of the immunity certificate card will soon be more widespread again. They think that in the fall, hotels, restaurants and […]

Mask wearing Obligation Abolished in Hungary

Jul 3, 2021

Unlike in other countries, tightening or easing pandemic restrictions are tied by the Hungarian government to the number vaccinated people. As this number has reached 5.5 million, the obligation to wear a mask has been abolished. The lifting of protection measures that come into force this Saturday are as follows: Masks will no longer have […]

Further Restrictions Announced in Hungary

Nov 10, 2020

In addition to maintaining the measures taken so far, additional protection measures are needed to reduce the incidence of coronavirus diseases and the burden on hospitals - according to a Hungarian government statement. A curfew takes effect on Wednesday from zero o'clock – everyone needs to be home between 8 pm and 5 am. One […]

What Hungarians Missed the Most During the Restrictions

May 18, 2020

During the two months of restrictions to leave one's home, Hungarians mostly missed most cultural programs (37% - 40% among men and 31% among women) and the possibility of free shopping (34% - 37% among men and 31% among men), according to a recent poll conducted by Pulzus Kutató for the news site Finishing […]

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