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Futureal: 70,000 sqm of Real Estate Investment

Jan 5, 2022

The Hungarian real estate development firm Futureal Investment Partners has acquired three properties totaling nearly 70,000 square meters, two shopping centers and an office building in Poland, the real estate investment and asset management company announced in a statement sent to the state news agency MTI on Wednesday. The company also acquired the 30,300 sqm […]

Back on Track: the V4 Polish Presidency

The pandemic and the process of overcoming its effects will be a significant focus of the Polish Presidency. It will permeate many areas and aspects regarding the decisions yet to be made. Hence the motto: ‘Back on track’. The main task imposed by the crisis is a return to the path of rapid and sustainable […]

The unveiling of the Smolensk memorial in Budapest | Gergely Botár/

Smolensk memorial in Budapest

Apr 6, 2018

A memorial to the former Polish president Lech Kaczyñski and the other victims of the Smolensk (Russia) tragedy in 2010 was unveiled in Budapest this Friday in the presence of Jaroslaw Kaczyñski, the brother of Lech Kaczynski.

Polish Ambassador Jerzy Snopek | the Embassy of Poland

Lodz - candidate city for EXPO 2022

Nov 9, 2017

Poland is a candidate for the organization of EXPO 2022 in £ód¼, the third most populous city of the country, on the theme of revitalization of cities - a global challenge and condition for further development of agglomerations around the world.

Polish PM Beata Szydlo and Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán in Budapest | Szilárd Koszticsák / MTI

Hungarian-Polish PM meeting in Budapest

Feb 8, 2016

"Europe"s future depends on Central Europe's success. That is what Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán said when receiving in Budapest his Polish counterpart, Beata Szydlo. The Polish premier also said her government was committed to a strong V4 cooperation.

Gergely Prõhle receives Polish award | Embassy of Poland

Hungarian politician receives Polish award

Nov 11, 2015

Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Human Resources Gergely Prõhle received the Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, awarded by the Polish President in recognition of his merits in the development of Polish-Hungarian relations.

Polish premier Ewa Kopacz and visiting Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán in Warsaw | Barna Burger

Hungarian PM criticized in Poland visit

Feb 19, 2015

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was criticized at his visit to Warsaw by his Polish counterpart, Ewa Kopacz for not supporting enough the unity of the European Union. Orbán was refused a meeting with one of his Polish allies for receiving Vladimir Putin.

| Dávid Harangozó

Lech Walesa receives recognition in Budapest

Nov 6, 2014

Lech Wa³êsa, who is regarded by many people in and outside of Poland as the face of the struggle for freedom, was invited to Hungary by the Antall József Foundation to receive the V4 Award for his lifelong efforts in support of democracy.

| Noémi Bruzák/MTI

Polish President visits Hungary

Mar 24, 2014

The President of the Republic of Poland, Bronislaw Komorowski visited Hungary this past week-end to take part in events held on the occasion of the Day of Hungarian Polish Friendship. He was hosted by his Hungarian counterpart, János Áder.

Ambassador Kowalski receives the 'Antall József Prize' from Klára Antall | Dávid Harangozó

Polish ambassador given prestigious award

Mar 19, 2014

The ambassador of the Republic of Poland to, Roman Kowalski, has been awarded the 'Antall József Prize' named after the first democratically elected prime minister (1990-1993) of Hungary. The award was handed over by the widow of the late prime minister.


Polish Constitution Day

May 7, 2013

On the occassion of the May 3rd Constitution National Day, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Hungary, Roman Kowalski invited hundreds of guests to the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest.
In his speech, Ambassador Kowalski stressed that the day of the 1791 Constitution, the first modern one in Europe, means a lot for the Polish people, they are proud of the anniversary as it reminds of them of the merits gained in the creation of a modern Europe and of modern democracy.
Hungarian Deputy PM Tibor Navracsics was of the view that the Polish constitution is about being Central European. He called for the member countries of the Visegrád Group, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, whose combined GDP would be the world’s 15th, to now form closer cooperation on the economic front “to achieve big results.”


Polish Constitution Day

May 7, 2013

On the occassion of the May 3rd Constitution National Day, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Hungary, Roman Kowalski invited hundreds of gueststo the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest to celebrate the 1791 Polish Constitution.

Radar station in Hungary | Source: MH LVIK

Hungarian army contributes to Euro 2012 security

Jun 14, 2012

Hungarian soldiers would be involved in efforts to guarantee security during the Euro 2012 European soccer championship, co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine, a Hungarian military official announced on the first day of the tournament.

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