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President of the Republic

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New Hungarian President Inaugurated

May 14, 2022

In her inauguration address this Saturday, Hungary’s freshly appointed president, Katalin Novák, said that it is her responsibility to demonstrate what her homeland of Hungary and her compatriots, the Hungarian people, really mean to her, and what she stands for regarding the place of Hungarians in the world. President Novák said that “we are here […]

Katalin Novák Takes Office as President of the Republic

May 10, 2022

On Tuesday morning, outgoing Head of State János Áder received the new President of the Republic at the entrance to the Sándor Palace, the state news agency MTI reports. János Áder and Katalin Novák entered the presidential residence Sándor Palace together, then went to the presidential office and stepped out onto the terrace of the […]

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