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Hungary Aims for EU Deal on Funds by End of August

Aug 5, 2022

The Hungarian government is hoping to reach a deal with the European Commission to unblock billions of euros in EU funds by the end of August. The Cabinet of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is seeking to diffuse a long-standing conflict between Budapest and Brussels over democratic standards, rule of law and corruption. Following years of […]

EU Disciplinary Action against Hungary Carries Huge Risk for Economy

Apr 8, 2022

The European Union’s decision to launch a new rule of law mechanism against the Hungarian government threatens to strip Hungary of billions of forints in much-needed funding. The move comes at a time when the government needs to rein in a swelling budget deficit and faces a slowdown in the economy. Hot on the heels […]

EU Concerns Over Hungary’s LGBTQ Law and Corruption Allegations May

Jul 9, 2021

Hungary’s relations with the European Union took a turn for the worse after the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán passed a law that was heavily criticized for discriminating against LGBTQ people. EU lawmakers are urging the decision-making bodies in Brussels to punish Hungary by blocking funds from the EU stimulus package. Hungary came under […]

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