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Russian attack on Ukraine

26 hits

Interchurch Aid Ukrainian Refugee Center in Budapest

May 18, 2022

In addition to its internationally significant humanitarian role in Ukraine, the Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) is also a major participant in refugee aid work in Hungary. In order to provide more efficient and complex assistance to those in need arriving in Hungary from Ukraine, the Taipei Representative Office is supporting the establishment of a refugee […]

Over 12,000 People Arrived from Ukraine on Saturday

May 15, 2022

5,852 people entered Hungary on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border on Saturday, while 6,605 of those entering the country on the Romanian-Hungarian border said they had come from Ukraine, the National Police Headquarters (ORFK) told the state news agency MTI on Sunday. Of those who entered the country, police issued 353 people with temporary residence permits valid […]

Hungarian Interchurch Aid Sends Aid to Bucha

Apr 22, 2022

An aid shipment by the Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) including food, hygiene products and generators has reached Bucha in Ukraine, the organization’s director said on Friday. László Lehel, speaking from the Ukranian town of Zaporizhzhia, told state-run Hungarian Radio that the organization had been working in Transcarpathia, the Ukrainian region with substantial ethnic Hungarian population, […]

Most Hungarians Think the War is Ukraine's Problem

Apr 21, 2022

Mexicans, Argentinians, Peruvians, Colombians and Chileans, for example, are more interested in what is happening in the country under attack than Hungarians, according to an international survey by Ipsos. Compared with the data from the countries surveyed, a much higher proportion of our fellow countrymen (28 percentage points higher than the international average) think that […]

Victims of Another Pointless War

Sándor Laczkó
Apr 20, 2022

The Russian invasion in Ukraine prompted a huge wave of refugees many of whom arrived to Hungary. On this side of the border, local people and civil organizations gathered to help those forced to flee their home. One of these volunteers is journalist Antal Marosi who tells Diplomacy&Trade about the work he and his fellow […]

Partial Plant Shutdown at Tungsram from Monday

Apr 9, 2022

From this coming Monday, certain employees of the lighting production company Tungsram will be sent on leave due to partial plant shutdowns, because the company is facing an insoluble situation due to economic circumstances, the southwestern Hungarian newspaper Zalai Hírlap wrote on Saturday, referring to the company's CEO Joerg Bauer. Joerg Bauer said that after […]

Solidarity Demonstration in Budapest for a Free Ukraine

Apr 2, 2022

Entitled 'Let it be over!', a civil solidarity demonstration was held in Budapest on Saturday for a free and independent Ukraine and against the "swing policy" of the Hungarian government. The demonstration, organized by the NGO 'One Million for a Free Ukraine', was held at the Pest end of the Elizabeth Bridge, on Szabad sajtó […]

WizzAir Cancels Russian and Ukrainian Flights

Apr 1, 2022

Hungary-based ultra-low-cost carrier Wizz Air has announced that due to the current situation and airspace closure in Ukraine and Moldova, all Wizz Air flights to/from Ukraine as well as to/from Russia are temporarily suspended until further notice. Wizz Air says they are continuously monitoring the situation and their team is actively working on providing travelers […]

Aid Fund Established to Help Ukrainian Refugees

Mar 26, 2022

The Hungarian Food Bank Association has set up an aid fund to support the civilian population affected by the war in Ukraine. In a statement sent to the state news agency MTI on Saturday, the association said that the donations collected will be forwarded to the Kiev Charitable Foundation operating the Ukrainian Food Bank. According […]

Transit Station Created for Ukrainian Refugees

Mar 21, 2022

The Hungarian government has ordered the evacuation of the refugee reception stations at Budapest's Keleti and Nyugati railway stations, where NGOs have been helping refugees from Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion. These stations will now be used only as information points, and refugees fleeing the war will be transferred by bus from […]

HungaroControl Donation Helps Ukrainian Refugees

Mar 19, 2022

The Hungarian air traffic service HungaroControl is committed to helping those in need, so at the beginning of March it organised a collection among its employees to help those fleeing the war. The company doubled the donation of around HUF 4 million, giving a total of HUF 8 million to help refugees in Ukraine through […]

OTP Group Supports its Ukrainian Bank

Mar 18, 2022

"OTP Group is supporting Ukraine using all means available to us. We are working under wartime conditions to keep the country's financial infrastructure, and thereby the economy as a whole, operational," the Group said in a statement this Friday. In addition to maintaining the operations of the Group's subsidiary in Ukraine, "we are contributing to […]

Wolt Makes Substantial Donation to Aid Organizations

Mar 18, 2022

Delivery platform Wolt has made a substantial donation of EUR 1,500,000 to support aid organisations working in the war in Ukraine. Wolt Hungary has also made it possible for users to directly support UNICEF's work to help children trapped in Ukraine or displaced by the war. Wolt is deeply saddened by the war situation in […]

4,000 Refugees Arrived in Budapest by Railway on Sunday

Mar 14, 2022

On Sunday, 4,006 people, including 1,239 children, arrived in Budapest by train to escape the war in Ukraine, the Budapest Metropolitan Police (BRFK) said on Monday on According to the statement, most of them asked for information and travelled on individually or went to relatives. In the capital and in rural accommodation, 34 people, […]

Government Modifies Grain Export Restrictions

Sándor Laczkó
Mar 13, 2022

The Hungarian government on Saturday amended its March 5 decree on the export of "strategically important" agricultural products, adding durum wheat and hulless sunflower seeds to the list of restricted crops and clarifying that cereals can still be freely exported as seeds, the Hungarian Gazette reports. The range of crops concerned has been extended to […]

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