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April Snow for Skiing on the Mátra Hill

Apr 3, 2021

It is snowing on the Mátra Hill in northeastern Hungary, making the ski path in Mátraszentistván suitable for for sking and snowboarding The weather in the mountains is surprisingly wintery. Around two o'clock this Saturday afternoon, the skipark in Mátraszentistván posted a video on its community website about the intense snow fall. The area is […]

First winter snow covers Erzsébet square in Nagykanizsa

First Winter Snow in Hungary

Dec 2, 2020

The first snow of the calendar winter fell in southwestern Hungary this Wednesday with more of this white cover expected in the region of the country's western border on Thursday. Snow has come to the area from the west to towns like Nagykanizsa (see picture) in Zala county. In its forecast, the National Meteorological Service […]

Snow on the road leading up to Kékestető

First Snow of the Season in Hungary

Oct 14, 2020

More than 10 centimeters of snow covered Hungary's highest peak, Kékestető by Wednesday morning, the National Meteorological Service reported. It is the first snowfall in the second half of the year in this country. At Kékestető, the temperature dropped below 0 degrees Celsius at dawn, followed by snowing all morning with varying intensity, and the […]

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