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Hungarian Govn't Declares State of War Emergency

May 24, 2022

The governing majority of the ruling Fidesz party passed the 10th amendment of Basic Law to extend the government's powers to declare a state of emergency. This will now be possible not only in the event of an epidemic, but also in the event of war in a neighboring country. The government took the opportunity […]

State of Emergency Extended in Hungary Yet Again

Sep 27, 2021

Without parliamentary debate and with a majority of 112 votes in favor and 25 against, the Hungary’s ruling party Fidesz has once again extended the state of emergency and the emergency regulations, which will now last until January 1 next year. The government had previously said on the extension of the emergency that, as the […]

Temporarily or Beyond?

During the state of emergency declared after the domestic appearance of COVID-19, a number of legal provisions were adopted, which helped all market participants to adapt to the situation. However, most of these provisions and restrictions were lifted after the end of the state of emergency, but some of them remained in force, since the […]

Budapest Zoo reopens

Preparedness Stays, State of Emergency May Be Lifted

May 21, 2020

The Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office, Gergely Gulyás, was of the view today that the measures taken to fight the coronavirus in Hungary have been successful, but the situation is still very fragile, so it is important to follow the rules. “A proposal will be submitted next Tuesday, which begins the process of abolishing […]

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