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Every Third Hungarian Plans To Have Home Insulation

Sándor Laczkó
Sep 22, 2021

Insulation could be a hot topic in the next 3 years. 32% of the population are planning to do this kind of work, according to the latest representative survey by újHÁZ Centrum. According to the survey, 68% of Hungarians have some form of thermal insulation - 29% of which is complete - while nearly a […]

Hungarians Prefer Not to Leave the European Union

Aug 21, 2021

According to a recent survey by the Medián public opinion research institute, the majority of Hungarians do not want to leave the European Union and they do not only want to stay for the money received from the EU. The opinion of the Hungarian people has remained unchanged for many years: the vast majority – […]

Evolution of Working Condition Needs in the Pandemic

Jun 24, 2021

According to Skanska’s survey, nowadays, nearly half of office workers in CEE countries go to the office every day, and now they have specific preferences regarding their workplace. These include a quiet space and high office standards (e.g. safety, relaxation, working in open air) which are most frequently indicated key factors in the region that […]

Free Parking as Anti COVID-19 Measure Not Appreciated

May 4, 2021

Last year, the Hungarian government ordered the scrapping of parking fees in public areas, a measure they claimed would help avoid the spread of the new coronavirus infection. A new survey suggests the step did not really count for the population. The Hungarian government may soon end one of its most controversial pandemic measures, free […]

Consumer Behavior During the Pandemic

Apr 26, 2021

Turnover data at Vivre, an online retailer for home and lifestyle in Central and Eastern Europe, show important changes in consumer behavior in the year after the pandemic outbreak (March 2020 - March 2021) compared to the same period last year. This change was observed of Vivre customers in all nine countries where the company […]

Desired Domestic Destinations in Hungarian Tourism

Apr 20, 2021

According to a recent representative survey by and Ipsos, a third of the Hungarian population is confident again that they can go on holiday. Further relaxation measures in the coming period and an increase in the number of vaccinated people could have a positive impact on travel uncertainty, including domestic tourism. While last year, […]

Post-COVID-19 Tourist Boom in Budapest?

Apr 12, 2021

It could be Hungarian guests who boost tourism, which has seen a severe decline due to the epidemic. According to a recent survey, up to a million Hungarian tourists can visit the capital, but Lake Balaton can also be a popular destination. 71.7% of Hungarians plan to travel in 2021 in the event of the […]

Hungarians Concerned about the Future of the Planet

Apr 10, 2021

There are almost no Hungarians who would not be preoccupied with the future of the planet, and a resident can list an average of 12 environmental factors, according to a national, representative survey commissioned by the ALTEO Group. Although different demographic groups differ on the significance of each of these, 80% agree on one thing: […]

Changing Consumer Habits in Hungary

Feb 28, 2021

As a result of the coronavirus epidemic, consumer habits have changed and the composition of the consumer basket has also changed, according to a new survey. A research conducted by Mónika Garai-Fodor, Dean of the Károly Keleti Faculty of Economics at the University of Óbuda and Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir, Deputy Dean for Research shows that the […]

Record Support for Hungary's EU Membership

Dec 9, 2020

85% of the people eligible to vote in Hungary are in favor of the country's European union membership, according to a new survey conducted by the Medián Institute for Public Opinion and Market Research. The EU's popularity among opposition voters is 94% and 77% of even those favoring the governing parties support the country's EU […]

Budapest Airport: Passengers Satisfied with Services

Nov 22, 2020

The general satisfaction level of respondents to a recent survey by Budapest Airport confirms the continuous increase in the quality of passenger services and the airport environment. Every quarter, the international passenger satisfaction survey on airport service quality (ASQ) is the most important indicator for Budapest Airport, as it enables travelers to provide feedback on […]

Hungarian Hotel Market Sentiment Survey 2020

Oct 9, 2020

Actions such as the severe travel restrictions introduced on the 1st of September in Hungary or other global or EU level measures can fundamentally transform short- and mid-term expectations. That is one of the findings of the snapshot report prepared by Horwath HTL Hungary, in cooperation with the Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association, based on […]

Most Hungarians Do Not Want to Receive the Vaccine

Sep 22, 2020

Stagnant health care and curfews are the most worrying for Hungarians about the coronavirus, yet, only a quarter of respondents would ask for the vaccine, and 40% would certainly not inject themselves, a new survey says. 80% of those surveyed fear a second wave of the virus because they only have enough financial reserves left […]

COVID-19 Impact on CEE Region Banks

Sep 16, 2020

Fortunately, a strong banking sector in Central and Eastern Europe faced the constraints of the COVID-19 epidemic. However, there is a lot of uncertainty about the long-term outlook. The regional survey by the consulting firm Deloitte researched how financial institutions see their own future. “It has been several months since the start of the economic […]

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