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Swisscham Hungary Sustainability Picnic

Sep 20, 2022

Following the example of a tree planting two years ago, the Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce (Swisscham Hungary) came up with the idea of another green project: an insect hotel in Népliget park in Budapest in order to provide these small creatures with a safe, reliable place to survive bad weather, find food or even build […]

Swisscham Plants Trees for Future Generations

Nov 12, 2020

Swisscham Hungary, which is 25 years old this year, has recently planted 25 seedlings in the Népliget park in Budapest. This way, the Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce not only contributes to the protection of the environment and a sustainable future, but also strengthens the joint work with the participating member companies. A statement by the […]

Swisscham: Quarter of a Century in Hungary

Sándor Laczkó
Aug 27, 2020

The Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce ‘Swisscham Hungary’ was founded in 1995. The leaders of the organization, President Dr. István Béres and Managing Director Júlia Lipovecz had a different jubilee year in mind for 2020. They tell Diplomacy&Trade what they planned, what they could do and what they have postponed due to the pandemic situation. “We […]

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