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Ferzol Capacity Expansion Investment with EU Support

Jul 22, 2021

Ferzol Plate Machining Ltd., based in Tápiószőlős, SE of Budapest, has completed a capacity expansion investment of more than HUF 2.3 billion with EU support in Szolnok, E Hungary. The company decided to implement the technology development and capacity expansion investment due to the continuously growing demand. Ferzol won a HUF 996 million non-refundable grant […]

Canadian Man Bequeaths CAD 300,000 to Szolnok Hospital

Mar 22, 2021

A Canadian Hungarian man left about 300,000 Canadian dollars to the Foundation for the Géza Hetényi Hospital in Szolnok, E Hungary. The amount was intended for the cardiology department of the institution. An announcement sent to the state news agency MTI quotes Miklós Piroska, director general of the health care institution, who said that the […]

Maestro Izaki Masahiro

Japanese Award to Szolnok Conductor

Dec 3, 2020

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that it recognizes the conductor of the Szolnok Symphony Orchestra, Izaki Masahiro with the 2020 Foreign Ministerial Award. A press release by the Japanese Embassy in Budapest highlights that after winning Hungarian Television's International Conducting Competition in Budapest in 1995, Izaki Masahiro achieved remarkable success both in […]

Béres Pharmaceuticals in Szolnok

Béres Pharmaceuticals Expands in Szolnok

Oct 15, 2020

The foundation stone of a new production facility for Béres Pharmaceuticals was laid this Thursday in Szolnok E Hungary. The Hungarian pharma firm is expanding its activities in Szolnok with an investment of more than HUF 6 billion (which is currently close to EUR 17 million). Finance Minister Mihály Varga announced at the ceremony that […]

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