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Drastic Fall in Traffic at Budapest Airport

Apr 17, 2020

By early April, Budapest Airport lost approximately 99.3% of its passenger traffic. Earlier, there were 320 aircraft movements, i.e. landings and takeoffs per day on average. Currently, this is just 35, of which only a few aircraft are airliners. In April 2019, the average daily passenger number (arriving and departing) was 44 000; this year, this […]

Budapest view with Chain Bridge and Parliament | Botond Horvath/European Best Destinations

Budapest voted as top European destination

Feb 11, 2019

With a total of 62,128 of the more than half a million of votes cast, the Hungarian capital has been chosen as the top travel destination in Europe as published on the website of Best European Destinations that organized the voting.

Japan Trip Navigator | JTB Hungary

JTB launches own app

Feb 27, 2018

In Japan, it is often not easy to get around as a simple tourist, especially if you are trying to get from point A to point B without a guide. The travel agency JTB Japan has helped create a pocket-aid that helps travelers create their own travel plans.

Budapest Airport opens new VIP lunge | Budapest Airport

New VIP service at Budapest Airport

Feb 2, 2018

Budapest Airport opened a new VIP service which offers exclusivity, relaxation, comfort and personal touch – everything for those passengers with premier travel standards in mind and those wanting a little more style and luxury.

| Dávid Harangozó

Lonely Planet's favorite Budapest quarters

Aug 29, 2017

The website of Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book publisher in the world, has picked five Budapest neighborhoods as recommedned for those visiting the Hungarian capital - all of them districts in the downtown area along the river Danube.

| Dávid Harangozó

More connections, comfort and quality service

Aug 11, 2015

There is no better start to an interview than the interviewee asking a question to the interviewer. It instantly provokes a vibrant, open minded and straight forward atmosphere. This is exactly what occurred when D&T sat down to interview Dror Harel, country manager of Air France KLM in Budapest.

At the Tunisian stand of the Budapest Travel 2013 show | Imre Földi / MTI

Annual Travel show opens in Budapest

Feb 28, 2013

The Travel exhibition, the biggest travel fair of Hungary, opened this Thursday at the Hungexpo fair site in the Hungarian capital, inviting visitors to get to know the attractions, the culture and gastronomy of several countries from the five continents.


Brazil's father of aviation

Rudolf Sárdi
Apr 12, 2012

Few have realized that the countless faces of Brazil, occupying a territory almost as large as the United States, would still be shrouded in darkness had it not been for the emergence of civil aviation. Read on to discover more!


Gateways to Southeast Asia

Apr 3, 2012

An informal gathering, organized by the group Diplomatic Spouses Budapest (DSB), was recently hosted at the Residence of the Royal Thai Embassy, bringing Thailand and Laos into the focal point of interest for the Hungarian audience.


Armenia, the Forgotten Treasure

Rudolf Sárdi
Feb 6, 2012

Sipping a glass of Ararat and watching over the stunning ranges of the Armenian mountain that gave this fine liquid its name can easily make any visitor become infatuated with the country that has carried an enormous psychological baggage from history.

| Hungarian National Tourist Office

Floating with Water Lilies

Despite its prosaic name, Hévíz (the word translates to thermal water) is a magical place. A trip here is an excellent way to brighten up the winter months. Managed by Hévíz Thermal Bath Ltd., the lake is considered a national treasure.

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