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Vodafone Hungary To Be Nationalized for EUR 1.8 Bn

Aug 22, 2022

Vodafone Group has entered into heads of terms with 4iG Public Limited Company and Corvinus Zrt. in relation to the potential sale of 100% of Vodafone Magyarország Távközlési Plc. (Vodafone Hungary) for a total cash consideration equivalent to an enterprise value of HUF 715 bn (EUR 1.8 bn), according to a press statement by Vodafone. […]

Vodafone HU Reinforces Network on Ukraine Border

Feb 26, 2022

In the framework of international cooperation, a Czech Vodafone team arrived today from Prague with two extra mobile base stations to reinforce Vodafone Hungary’s network capabilities. The measure, in the implementation of which the Czech team works together with Hungarian network engineers, is aimed for Vodafone to be ready to serve customers in case of […]

Hungary's First Industrial 5G Private Network Goes Live

Jun 10, 2021

After a six-month test period at Foxconn's Komárom factory, initiation of the latest generation of mobile network-based solutions will continue. PC testing is already running on a private 5G network. The use of 5G will open up new horizons for industry by means of hardware and software optimised for 5G in the near future, enabling […]

Vodafone Cooperates with Budapest University

Mar 16, 2021

Vodafone Hungary has announced it will assist the National Laboratory of Security Technologies of the National Public Service University (NKE) as a consortium partner. The unit conducts research and development in areas such as technology-based security issues affecting institutions, municipalities and border management, as well as cybersecurity and 5G. The operation of the laboratory will […]

Women in Technology Hungary Association Formed

Mar 8, 2021

At the initiative of Vodafone Hungary, the Women in Technology Hungary Association – which aims to bring together women working in the field of technology – is launched by co-founders, Lenovo Hungary and BOOKR Kids. Vodafone Hungary says that with the establishment of Women in Technology Hungary Association, they want to create a common knowledge […]

Vodafone 5G Service Extended in Budapest

Mar 6, 2021

Vodafone is the first among domestic service providers to enable 5G connection to its customers in the majority of the residential areas of Budapest: 5G has been connected to more than 200 base stations in the capital and in the surrounding metropolitan area. Vodafone has also announced that by the end of the first quarter […]

Vodafone Renews Frequency Spectrum

Jan 28, 2021

The acquired spectrum in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands support faster mobile internet services and better voice quality in the long run. Vodafone Hungary says it has renewed its existing frequencies in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz spectrum at the NMHH (National Media and Infocommunications Authority) spectrum auction, for a total cost […]

Vodafone to Advance Digital Skills and Education

Jan 25, 2021

Hungary is one of the recipient countries in the latest Vodafone Foundation program to expand digital skills and education programs by funding local initiatives. Coinciding with the International Day of Education, Vodafone has announced an investment of EUR 20 million to expand Foundation digital skills and education programs by funding local initiatives in Albania, the […]

Planned Change in Vodafone Business Leadership

Jan 15, 2021

Mátyás Dobó will take over the position of Director of Vodafone Business Unit from István Király as of February 1, 2021, as part of the planned succession at Vodafone Hungary. István Király will leave Vodafone Hungary on March 31, 2021, having held the position of Director of Vodafone Business Unit since 2014. During the course […]

Downsizing SIM Card Holders to Cut Plastic Use

Jan 4, 2021

The measure announced by Vodafone Hungary in April last year to replace its credit card-sized SIM card holders with ones half the size has since saved 1.6 tons of plastic. A press statement by the company says the initiative is part of Vodafone's existing sustainability program. The operator has agreed to phase out old SIM […]

Helping Companies in the Technological Revolution

Dec 19, 2020

Vodafone Hungary and the Delta Group have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the aim of enabling the widest possible range of domestic companies to participate in the revolution of this technology. By leveraging the continued rollout of the 5G network and 5G solutions, companies, regardless of size and industry, can dramatically improve their competitiveness, […]

Vodafone Hungary Achieves Green Gigabit Net Target

Nov 25, 2020

By no later than July 2021, Vodafone’s European network will be powered by 100% renewable electricity – creating a Green Gigabit Net for customers across 11 markets that will grow sustainably using only power from wind, solar or hydro sources. Vodafone Hungary was the first in the Vodafone Group to achieve this goal at the […]

Vodafone to Cover Budapest with 5G Service

Oct 14, 2020

In addition to expanding coverage, the company announced that it would make available 40 MHz of its own frequency spectrum for the establishment of the 5G Laboratory currently under construction in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). Vodafone Hungary says it will connect 5G at close to 200 base stations in and around […]

Vodafone Awards Teachers

Oct 5, 2020

Vodafone Hungary awarded the work of two educators at the Women for Hungary Awards Gala, who demonstrated their skills and commitment during the transition to digital education with the help of digitization. The Women for Hungary Club praised women who successfully faced this year's socio-economic challenges at the Women for Hungary Awards Gala. The purpose […]

Vodafone Hungary Moves to New Premises

Sep 14, 2020

As the next step in the integration of Vodafone Hungary and UPC, in the fall of 2022, staff working in the company's Budapest offices will move to the Budapest ONE office park. The complex, developed by Futureal, will house Vodafone's new headquarters, which will offer innovative technological solutions with the highest standards, focusing not only […]

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