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Coronavirus Information from Vodafone

Apr 6, 2020

Two important novel features have been added to the LifeSaver application operated by the Vodafone Foundation and the National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) in Hungary. One of these is the Coronavirus Information button, which takes users to the Hungarian Government’s official coronavirus information site, making it directly accessible from the LifeSaver application. The other useful innovation […]

5G frequencies sold in Hungary

Mar 30, 2020

Magyar Telekom, Telenor and Vodafone have paid HUF 128.49 billion altogether for the 15-year use of bandwidths suitable for 5G standard data transmission. The bandwidths were auctioned by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) late March. According to the Authority, the auction, held under stringent precautionary measures, saw "intensive competition," although, only the three […]

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