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Tutti Food Expands Capacity with about HUF 1.3 billion

Apr 17, 2022

Tutti Food Ltd. has invested about HUF 1.3 billion to increase capacity and material safety, the company based in Rábapatona, NW Hungary has informed the state news agency MTI. The company received HUF 468.07 million in non-refundable EU funding for the development, with the remainder being supplemented by self-financing and loans. The investment increased the […]

Hunent Plc. Poultry Exports to Fly High

Jan 27, 2022

A waterfowl further processing unit will be added to the plant in Mélykút, Southern Hungary and efficiency boosting investments will be carried out by Hunent Víziszárnyas Feldolgozó ('Waterfowl Processing') Plc. in value of HUF 6.5 billion, about a third of which is to be covered by Hungarian taxpyers through a government decision. As a result, […]

Emerson Expands Manufacturing Facility in Eger

Dec 8, 2021

The American global industrial software and engineering company Emerson has carried out a capacity-building investment in Eger, NE Hungary in order to meet automation needs for global customers. As a result of the project worth USD 14.7 million, a building of 10,500 square meters was constructed, which means new offices and additional production server units […]

PreBeton's new plant in Erdőtelek

PreBeton Capacity Increase

Jul 18, 2020

The precast reinforced concrete firm PreBeton Co. Ltd. has carried out capacity expansion of with a non-refundable grant of HUF 2.6 billion from the Hungarian Ministry of Finance. PreBeton Co. Ltd. whose new plant in Erdőtelek, east of Budapest has just been inaugurated, is engaged in the production, assembly and machining of precast reinforced concrete […]

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