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HUF bills and coins | Sándor Laczkó

Hungarian forint hits all time low

Jun 27, 2018

The Hungarian currency, the forint began Wednesday trading at 326 units to one euro. Then, a morning waning wave had flown it to 327.3, before another fall early evening resulted in the common European currency being worth HUF 328 – an all-time low.

Budapest and Shanghai stock exchanges sign agreement | Budapest Stock Exchange

Hungarian-Chinese stock exchange cooperation

May 9, 2018

The Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) entered into a cooperation agreement with one of the world's largest stock exchanges, the Shanghai Stock Exchange to work jointly on the development of new products that can be accessed by Hungarian and Chinese investors.


Hungary issues bonds in China

Jul 26, 2017

Hungary is the latest country to enter the Chinese onshore capital markets, raising Rmb 1 billion in a three-year panda bond, the Financial Times reports.Thus, ut is the first country to have issued both offshore and onshore renminbi-denominated debt.

Trading of Waberer's shares launched in Budapest | Zoltán Máthé/MTI

Trading of Waberer's shares launched in Budapest

Jul 6, 2017

Trading of Waberer's shares were launched at the Budapest Stock Exchange with a ceremonial ring of the bell this Thursday morning. The ceremony was attended by the representatives of Waberer's, of the Stock Exchange and other officials.

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