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Hungarians Want to Get Rid of Russian Energy Dependence

Apr 20, 2022

More than three quarters of Hungarians believe that the country should produce its energy needs at home and not depend on other countries, especially Russian gas, according to a recent opinion poll commissioned by Greenpeace and conducted by the Policy Solutions Institute and ZRI Závech Research in the last week of March. Greenpeace therefore expects […]

Budapest for Peace

Mar 9, 2022

Greenpeace Hungary held a peace demonstration with the participation of thousands of people on Heroes' Square in Budapest on Wednesday evening. The crowd formed a huge luminous peace sign with torches in hand. The participants of the event protested against the invasion of Ukraine and expressed their sympathy for the innocent people suffering because of […]

Greenpeace installation in Siófok

Greenpeace Installation for Plastic Recycling

Jul 18, 2020

Activists have placed a fish-shaped installation of Greenpeace Hungary on the Great Beach of Siófok to encourage the recycling of plastic waste. The 'Big Fish' is an empty statue made of metal mesh into which anyone can throw empty plastic bottles and glasses, thus breaking up the fish with recyclable plastic waste. Through the action, […]

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