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Imre Kertész

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Imre Kertész in 2005 | Máté Nándorfi / MTI

Hungarian Nobel laureate Imre Kertész passes away

Mar 31, 2016

The winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in literature, Hungarian novelist Imre Kertész has died at the age of 86. The novel Fatelessness he received the Nobel Prize for is said to be one of the most unsettling and credible works of art about the Holocaust.

Imre Kertész (on the left) and Ernõ Rubik at the award ceremony of the 2014 Order of St. Stephen in Budapest | Attila Kovács / MTI

Renowned Hungarians receive controversial award

Aug 22, 2014

The President of the Republic János Áder presented internationally acknowledged Nobel Prize-winning author Imre Kertész and internationally renowned inventor Ernõ Rubik with the Order of Saint Stephen at the proposal of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

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