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Petőfi Memorial Year Launched

Mar 14, 2022

A poetry flashmob, a poetry stage, unique outdoor installations, gastronomic specialties and renewed exhibition spaces await visitors in Kiskőrös, the hometown of the best-known Hungarian poet of the 19th century, Sándor Petőfi in connection with the Petőfi Memorial Year. Sándor Petőfi, the Hungarian poet with works translated into the most (about 150) languages, was born […]

Benyovszky Memorial Year Begins

May 25, 2021

Scientific publications, conferences, new Benyovszky sculptures, a commemorative stamp issued by the Hungarian Post Office and the premiere of a musical about Benyovszky are also part of the program of the Benyovszky Memorial Year, organised to mark the 280th anniversary of the birth and 235th anniversary of the death of Hungarian adventurer and explorer Móric […]

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