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Easter traditions presented in the Sóstó Museum Village in Nyíregyháza | Attila Balázs / MTI

Easter traditions presented

Mar 28, 2016

The traditional Hungarian Easter ceremony of men sprinkling women with water was one of the elements presented to visitors in the Sóstó Museum Village in the outskirts of the noertheastern Hungarian city of Nyíregyháza on Easter Monday.

The celebration of ancient Magyar traditions in Ada

Ancient Magyar tradition celebrated

Dec 21, 2015

Ada, a northern Serbian village predominantly populated by ethnic Hungarians, was the venue of the celebration of winter solstice on the night of December 21. The event, called 'karacsun', was organized by local organizations cherishing ancient traditions.

Easter fair in Budapest | Sándor Laczkó

Easter traditions in the Buda Castle

Apr 21, 2014

The Buda Castle hosted a three-day long celebration bringing alive old folk customs surrounding Easter: traditions, art, culture and gastronomy, featuring a handicraft and gastro fair, live folk music, dance performances and programs for kids.

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