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Hungarians Do Not Expect Much from Their Employers

Aug 5, 2022

A joint survey by UniCredit Bank and SteiGen investigated how aware people in Hungary are of the concept of ESG and what they expect from large companies in the field of sustainability. The responses revealed a surprising result: the majority of respondents still almost only associate environmental protection as an expectation for companies in this […]

Survey on the Donation Habits of Hungarians

Jul 15, 2022

A joint survey by UniCredit Bank and SteiGen revealed how aware people in Hungary are of the concept of ESG and what sustainability means to them. The research also showed that 16% of the respondents attributed sustainability to the donation of consumer goods. People are keen to help others, but what factors influence their decisions […]

What is ESG About? A UniCredit Bank Survey

Jun 23, 2022

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, but few people are familiar with the concept of ESG, which measures corporate efforts to achieve this, according to research conducted jointly by UniCredit Bank and SteiGen. The survey showed that Hungarians still associate sustainability mostly with environmental protection and are less familiar with its […]

Financial Awareness Not Enough to Save Money

Sep 9, 2020

An extensive research on today’s 30s generation shows that they make responsible and conscious decisions about finances, it’s paramount for them to have savings, but only 23% percent of them can save on a regular basis while one in four can't put aside any money. Own real estate is one of the most important forms […]

UniCredit Support for SMEs in the CEE Region

Jun 19, 2020

UniCredit has entered into a COVID-19 support package offered by the European Investment Fund (EIF) allowing the bank to provide working capital loans to CEE SMEs and mid-caps guaranteed by the EIF at a rate of 80% (previously 50%) under simplified eligibility criteria. The new measures extend the application of the InnovFin guarantee also to […]

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