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Hungarian Companies Want a Stable Forint

Mar 20, 2023

Hungarian business leaders say they do not want a strong or weak exchange rate, but stability, according to an analysis by the financial news site The exchange rate of the Hungarian currency, the forint (HUF) against major currencies like the euro or the US dollar has been helped by high interest rates, but business […]

Hungarian Currency Further Loses Value in 2021

Jan 2, 2022

The Hungarian forint (HUF) weakened in 2021: by 1.3% against the euro (EUR), 9.3% against the American dollar (USD) and 6.0% against the Swiss franc (CHF). On December 31, the forint ended the year at 368.87 forints against the euro and 324.48 forints against the American dollar, while the Swiss franc stood at 355.55 forints. […]

Harsh Decades of the Forint

Dr. Ákos Péter Bod
Sep 11, 2021

It was on August 1, 1946 that the National Bank of Hungary introduced a new currency, the Forint. The move came as after World War II, Hungary experienced the largest inflation to that date in world history. The new currency was issued to deal with a situation that had become unmanageable. Seventy-five is not a […]

New Currency in Hajdúnánás

Jan 30, 2021

Local currencies used in parallel with the Hungarian Forint (HUF) are the tools of rural settlements to stimulate the local economy, keep money in place and keep jobs. Perhaps the most successful example of this today is the Bocskai Crown (BK) from Hajdúnánás. The mayor of the northeastern Hungarian town, Tibor Szólláth told the business […]

Hungarian Currency Rate at Five-Month Low

Sep 21, 2020

With the intensification of the second wave of the coronavirus and the pricing of local closures spreading again in Europe, the international investor sentiment deteriorated significantly on Monday, which also dragged the Hungarian forint with it after the opening around 360 against the euro. As reports, already in the morning the forint fell to […]

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