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Hungarian Central Bank Governor: Hungary Ready to Adopt the Euro in 2030

Jun 8, 2023

Hungary will eventually have to adopt the single European currency, but moving too soon would cost the nation’s economy, the governor of the National Bank of Hungary said. György Matolcsy stressed that the country will be ready for euro adoption by 2030. The National Bank of Hungary has a clear and firm position: Hungary must […]

Hungarian Currency's Value at Historic Lows Again

Aug 23, 2022

The Hungarian currency dipped very low at times, but managed to recover somewhat against other currencies during the day. The forint (HUF) weakened against the major currencies in the early hours of Tuesday on the interbank foreign exchange market, while the Swiss franc and the US dollar were at historic highs during the day, the […]

Value of the Hungarian Currency Falls Again

Aug 16, 2022

The price of one euro (EUR) was 405 forints (HUF) by midday this Tuesday. The Hungarian forint started the week at HUF 392/EUR, and has been free-falling for the second day in a row, the business news site writes. The forint weakened sharply on Tuesday after Monday's plunge. At the end of last week, […]

Hungarian Gov't Introduces Euro in Company Taxation

Jul 30, 2022

The Hungarian government has decided to introduce another tax relief, Finance Minister Varga Mihály has announced. Companies can now pay tax in euros or US dollars. For companies whose income is received partly or entirely in foreign currency, the new rule could bring simplification. The option to pay is available to all companies. Administration will […]

Hungarian Forint: Another Negative Record vs. the Euro

Jul 5, 2022

The common European currency, the Euro crossed the HUF 409 mark on Tuesday afternoon, setting a new record. At the same time, the Euro also reached a new low against the US currency, which was at HUF 398 forints to the dollar at one point, the popular news site reports. On June 13, the […]

OTP Bank Preparing a Euro Bond Issue

Jun 30, 2022

OTP Bank is preparing a three-year green bond issue in euro, Global Capital reported. According to the portal, investors were sounded out on Wednesday and Thursday, and the bond is expected to be issued early next week. According to the plans, the bond would not be callable in the first two years of its maturity, […]

HUF vs. EUR: Yet Another Historic Low for the Forint

Jun 27, 2022

The Hungarian currency, the Forint (HUF) fell to a historic low against the euro again on Monday: after 10 a.m., it suddenly started to weaken sharply from the morning level of around HUF 400, and shortly after a quarter to 11, it was HUF 403.85 to the euro. Minutes later, however, it crossed the HUF […]

Hungary Needs a Strong Forint

Jun 25, 2022

"It's time to say that a strong forint, not a weak one, is in the national interest", writes investment expert Viktor Zsiday in a post published this week, commenting on the weakening of the Hungarian currency HUF) in recent weeks. He is quoted by the business news site as saying that it should be […]

Hungarian Currency Rate: Historic Low Against the Euro

Mar 7, 2022

The Hungarian currency, the forint (HUF) weakened steadily on Monday, with the euro at HUF 388.19 at dawn and crossing HUF 390 by the morning. The weakening did not stop thereafter, with negative records being broken one after the other, reaching the HUF 399 mark a few minutes before 10 am. This is how the […]

Hungarians Support Euro Adoption

Jun 3, 2020

Two-thirds of Hungarians support the idea of ​​adopting the euro and replacing the forint as soon as possible, according to a recent poll conducted by Pulzus Research for the news site However, the reality of the move is small for the time being. To the question, "Would you support the introduction of the euro […]

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