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Dr Anna Gedeon

Dr. MBE at the British Embassy

Feb 14, 2014

The recent United Kingdom country focus in Diplomacy & Trade featured an article on the recognition by Queen Elizabeth II of the doctor of the British Embassy in Budapest, Dr. Anna Gedeon, for her dedicated services to the Embassy staff.

Gypsies in Hungary |

Swiss-Hungarian project to help the needy

Jul 4, 2013

A Swiss-Hungarian model project has been launched to improve and expand basic services in Hungary’s underdeveloped regions. The program, announced this week in Budapest, also aims to involve Roma residents in public health programs.


Hungary flu death toll at 25, epidemic eases

Feb 23, 2011

A total of 25 people have died in Hungary this year after suffering from some type of influenza, a chief doctor of the National Epidemiology Center said. Overall, fewer people were taken to hospital with this disease than a week before.

Flu | Dávid Harangozó

Flu rates shoot up in Hungary

Feb 2, 2011

Influenza is gripping Hungary. So far, nine people have died as a result of flu-related complications. More and more hospitals have banned visits due to contraction fears. Three of the victims had contracted influenza B.

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