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7th International Triennial of Textile Art Opens

Jun 18, 2021

Artworks from seventeen countries were presented at the 7th International Triennial of Textile Art, which opened on Friday afternoon at the Szombathely Art Gallery. In the nationally announced wall and space textile category, there are 72 works on display, 36 in the textile design category, 92 miniature textiles in the international category as well as […]

Szombathely, the Happiest City in Hungary

Mar 20, 2021

Szombathely, in the Western part of the country, is the happiest city in Hungary, followed by Nyíregyháza, according to research conducted on the occasion of World Happiness Day by the Jobb Veled a Világ (The World is Better with You) foundation. According to an announcement carried by the state news agency MTI, the Positive Psychology […]

Falco Invests to Increase Capacity

Feb 1, 2021

Plywood producer Falco Co. Ltd. invests EUR 25 million to develop numerous production areas at their premise in Szombathely, W Hungary. The development project will conclude in 2024 and it helps in retaining 302 jobs. HUF 1.2 billion of the HUF 8.2 billion investment costs will be covered by the Hungarian government. The company was […]

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