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OTP Group Supports its Ukrainian Bank

Mar 18, 2022

"OTP Group is supporting Ukraine using all means available to us. We are working under wartime conditions to keep the country's financial infrastructure, and thereby the economy as a whole, operational," the Group said in a statement this Friday. In addition to maintaining the operations of the Group's subsidiary in Ukraine, "we are contributing to […]

Hungary in Delicate Situation as Russia Launches Invasion of Ukraine

Feb 25, 2022

The government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest ally in the European Union, is performing a delicate balancing act as Russian begins its invasion of Ukraine. While the government condemned the Russian military action and backed the sanctions proposed by the EU, Orbán made it clear that Hungary will stay out […]

Hungary sees limited room to help Ukraine in conflict with Russia

Jan 28, 2022

As the world watches with growing concern the escalation of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, a number of countries have come forth supporting Ukraine with material donations or offers of cyber support and training. Hungary’s Foreign Minister called for a diplomatic solution and noted that Ukraine’s minority policies leave little room for Hungary to help its neighbor. […]

HUN-UA Gas Transmission System Test Period Prolonged

Jan 25, 2022

As a result of continuous negotiations between FGSZ Ltd., the the owner and operator of the Hungarian high-pressure natural gas pipeline system, and its Ukrainian partner, Gas TSO of Ukraine, the test period of Q1 2022 - according to which firm gas transmission capacities have been created in the HU>UA direction from January – has […]

Ukraine to Import Gas from the EU through Hungary

Dec 22, 2021

Hungary has reached an agreement with Ukraine to supply natural gas to its northeastern neighbor with guaranteed capacity from January 1 next year, Serhiy Makokhon, CEO of the Ukrainian Gas Transmission System (HTS) has announced. The Ukrainian side signed a cooperation agreement with the Hungarian gas transport company FGSZ on the guaranteed supply capacity. Under […]

Hungary and Ukraine Spar Over Russian Gas Supplies

Oct 1, 2021

Hungary and Ukraine became embroiled in a bitter dispute over Hungary’s long-term natural gas supply agreement with Russia. The two countries issued stern statements as the diplomatic squabble escalated. Governments in Kyiv and Budapest are embroiled in a political standoff after Hungary signed an agreement with Russia on long-term natural gas supply. The dispute ensued […]

Protests in Donetsk in June 2014 | Andrew Butko

Foreign ministry statement on Ukraine conflict

Aug 29, 2014

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade follows with deep concern recent developments in Eastern Ukraine. One of the opposition parties calls on PM Viktor Orbán to take a stance by Ukraine's territorial integrity and independence.


Hungary does not recognize Crimea elections

Mar 17, 2014

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairshas issued a communiqué, which states that Hungary considers illegitimate and illegal the March 16 referendum and its results in the Crimean Autonomous Republic of Ukraine as it violates the constitution.

Radar station in Hungary | Source: MH LVIK

Hungarian army contributes to Euro 2012 security

Jun 14, 2012

Hungarian soldiers would be involved in efforts to guarantee security during the Euro 2012 European soccer championship, co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine, a Hungarian military official announced on the first day of the tournament.

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