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COVID-19: 18% More Fatalities in Hungary in One Week

Oct 26, 2022

Over the past week, 140 chronic patients, mostly elderly, died (22 more than in the previous week), bringing the total number of deaths related to the new coronavirus infection in Hungary to 47,938, according to the government portal 9,023 new cases of new coronavirus infection were confirmed over this period, thus, the total number […]

COVID-19: More Fatalities, Fewer Active Infections

Oct 19, 2022

Although the number of deaths has increased, according to the latest data, the number of new infections and active infections in Hungary has decreased. The number of cured cases is steadily increasing, according to data published on Wednesday by the related government website In the past week, 118 patients, mostly elderly and chronic, died, […]

COVID-19: Less New Cases but More Fatalities in Hungary

Oct 12, 2022

A total of 12,636 new cases of the new coronavirus infection were confirmed last week (1,129 fewer than reported a week ago), bringing the total number of identified infections to 2,120,543 since the start of the outbreak, while the number of deaths related to the infection was up by over 40%, according to the related […]

Fatal Bus Accident in Hungary: Eight People Dead

Aug 15, 2021

Eight people died, eight were seriously injured and forty suffered minor injuries in an accident on the M7 motorway in Hungary early Sunday morning. The bus was carrying Hungarian tourists returning from a one-day holiday in Croatia. According to unconfirmed media reports, the crash may have occurred because the bus with Hungarian number plates started […]

Surging EpiDemic Numbers in Hungary

Sep 11, 2020

The epidemic situation in Hungary has worsened: the number of new and active infections has also reached record levels, according to data published on Friday morning. The number of new infections rose by 718 to 10,909; the number of active infected people increased to 6,264, an increase of 693 in one day.One chronic patient died […]

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