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One of the celebrities supporting the diabetes education program

A drop of attention

May 15, 2018

Hungarian celebrities will also be involved in the new primary school diabetes education program. The aim of the initiative is to spread comprehensive knowledge of this condition and that children with diabetes are accepted in schools.

Drs. Péter and László Lukács | János Gehring

The Smile is the Result

Even though it is one of the city’s newest dental clinics, Helvetic Clinics Budapest already has an excellent reputation. Through recommendations of satisfied clients, it has quickly developed a high-profile clientele seeking exceptional dental care.

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Hungarian Disability Caucus presents its concerns

Apr 20, 2012

In Geneva, Switzerland, Hungarian activists joined as the Hungarian Disability Caucus to highlight their urgent concerns regarding the respect by the Republic of Hungary of its obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabilities.

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Smoking banned at public places

Sándor Laczkó
Apr 27, 2011

Hungarian lawmakers approved a proposal to ban smoking at public places. Doctors called the decision an important and vital first step, while tobacco growers and the catering business pointed to the negative implications of the rigorous law.

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