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The Smile is the Result

Even though it is one of the city’s newest dental clinics, Helvetic Clinics Budapest already has an excellent reputation. Through recommendations of satisfied clients, it has quickly developed a high-profile clientele that includes businessmen, TV stars and athletes, as well as local residents seeking exceptional dental care.

“The great location in the heart of Budapest, 200 m from the Opera House on the Pest side, the unique ‘clinic – lab – hotel’ concept, and the uncompromised quality of dental care make HELVETIC DENTAL CLINICS BUDAPEST the preferred choice of thousands of patients who arrive to Hungary from all over the world, looking for a modern clinic equipped with the latest technology and impeccable quality dental care that comes with the longest and most serious guarantees one can find,” Pierre Chaker and Jean François Empain, the Swiss owners and managers note. They are proud to lead a world-class dental facility, accredited by Global Clinic Rating (GCR) - a database of 400,000 medical clinics that currently rates Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest as the third best in the world, out of a total 126,514 dental clinics. The building that houses the clinic in Budapest was awarded the 2nd ‘Best Property Development’ last year as well as ‘highly commended’ as an International medical tourism hotel of the year in the IMTJ 2016 awards.

All services under one roof

“For our clients’ comfort, Helvetic Clinics is a ‘Clinic Hotel’ that offers dental treatment and accommodation: the clinic and Twelve Revay hotel are in the same building,” Chaker reveals. “Here we have negotiated a preferential rate for our patients, including their first night free, along with the first consultation. Should they need to rest after a dental surgery, clients just take the elevator and they can comfortably rest in their room. This is why the waiting room is almost empty while the clinic is 93 % full all the time.” Empain adds, “Of course patients may choose to stay wherever they want, but nothing is more practical than to wake up at 8AM to reach your 8:30AM appointment. Located a step away from the majestic Andrássy Avenue, Twelve Revay is of course open to anyone, but it is true that our patients make up 50% of their guests. The lab is also in-house.”

Exceptional care, comfort and peace of mind

Drs. Péter and László Lukács, co-owners of Helvetic Clinics Budapest, supervise the clinic and the dentists; they have successfully created a stress free environment, an atmosphere that is markedly different from most clinics. Here, each dentist strictly focuses on his own special field, so by the age of 35, our staff have done way more crowns, bridges, inlays, root canals, veneers and dentures than those not specialized. We also function as a training center for Semmelweis University in Hungary,” the owners reveal. “There is a young spirit here”. When patients arrive to Budapest, a courtesy driver picks them up from the airport and takes them to their chosen accommodation, at no cost. The same goes for their return trip: no matter the day, the hour, whether they use the airport or a bus or train station, the clinic will make it easy and stress free. “Helvetic clinics target individuals mainly within Europe's developed countries (see diagram) and with a claim of dental treatments 30-80% cheaper than those in its clients' home countries,” says Dr. Péter Lukács. “We are not a discount clinic, selling cheap dentistry. We offer the best dental care at the lowest possible prices, but never compromising on quality,” Dr. László Lukács adds. According to him, the quality of professional work at the clinic is guaranteed by a highly motivated and caring team of dentists, dental surgeons, technicians and implantologists who publish essays in the world’s most prestigious medical journals and give presentations and seminars at Hungary’s top universities, as well as overseas.

Budapest, a dental tourism hotspot

“We acknowledge from our growing number of clients that there is significant international demand for quality dental service,” Empain states. “While Croatia is coming up as a dental tourism destination, Hungary is still the biggest market in Europe, highly competitive with excellent features. Budapest is one of the old continent’s most beautiful cities, a small Paris, thanks to its thousand-year-old history, culture and architecture. As we don’t have a restaurant in-house, our clients who often spend a week here, spend their money in town dining and relaxing, enjoying what Budapest has to offer to tourists or conducting business. They are absolutely charmed by the beauty of the city, and the buzzing atmosphere of all four seasons. Considering all this and the number of flights going in and out of Budapest airport, it's hard to pick another rival within Europe. It is an absolute win-win to have a clinic here.”

The business model

"Our company grew significantly in a moving environment, changes come fast and we adapt constantly to new conditions. We kicked off working in a 140 square meter facility which grew to 4,000 in two years. We started as an 8-people-company, and today, 60 people work here. We have a business model that seems to work. At the moment we are looking into the American market, and within 2 years, we plan to open a second dental clinic there: same quality standards and concept but targeted towards North American patients.”

Réka Alíz Francisck

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