Edelmann Hungary Packaging Co. Ltd. Managing Director György Czirkl | Zoltán Balogh /MTI

Packaging company modernized in SW Hungary

November 9, 2017

Edelmann Hungary Packaging Co. Ltd. is upgrading its fleet of machines with a significant project in Zalaegerszeg, SW Hungary. With the more than EUR 10 million project, the German company can not only increase its capacity, but can also supply higher quality and added-value products to its partners.

According to the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agenbcy (HIPA), the project will also bring 100 new jobs to the Southwestern Hungary region, where economic development is in focus.

The German Edelmann Group, which manufactures primarily paper packaging materials, acquired the Zala Printing House at the end of 2010. After this, a new manufacturing hall building was constructed with storage rooms and offices under a greenfield project, and the disadvantages resulting from the previous unfavourable geographical location were eliminated.

Edelmann's project further strengthens the position of Zalaegerszeg and the Southern Transdanubia region. The automotive test track constructed in the county town of Zala County, which will be suitable for testing both conventional and autonomous vehicles, is expected to attract the establishment of other high-added value R&D capacities, in connection with not only the automotive industry, but also 5G network developments required for self-driving, HIPA says. During the few months that have elapsed since the start of the construction works, several dozen companies have indicated their interest in using the test road and establishing capacities in the vicinity.


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