Furniture parts in the new ADA manufacturing hall in Körmend | György Varga /MTI

ADA opens new manufacturing hall in Körmend

August 17, 2018

As part of an investment of more than EUR 17 million of technology development and the construction of manufacturing halls, Austria’s ADA Group, one of the leading manufacturers of upholstered furniture, beds and mattresses in Europe, has opened a manufacturing hall in Körmend, Western Hungary.

As part of the complex investment, first the new hall in
Körmend was constructed together with the related purchase of assets, thus
ensuring the establishment of the proper infrastructure necessary for the
continuously expanding manufacturing capacity and the development of new
products. Specialized in producing quality upholstered furniture, ADA wishes to
meet the continuously growing demand for its products by this investment, the Hungarian Investment
Promotion Agency (HIPA) reports.

The Austrian parent company established ADA Hungária
Bútorgyártó Kft. as its first subsidiary abroad with its headquarters in
Körmend in 1992. So, the latter celebrated its 25th anniversary last year.
Having production capacities in Austria, Hungary and Romania, the Group has a
significant market share in this industry. It is market leader in Austria and
its Hungarian subsidiaries are also high-positioned in the Hungarian market of
upholstered furniture. ADA produces around 41,000 pieces of furniture in
Hungary every year. The majority of its products is exported.

This Körmend hall investment will not be the last one
among the investments of ADA Group in Hungary. The Group has already acquired
the territories necessary for the realization of eventual future construction
investments so they have the opportunity to expand. ADA aims at long-term and
stable market presence, predictable sustainable development and the continuous
expansion of its manufacturing capacities.


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