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Aston Martin Salon to Be Opened in Hungary

August 1, 2019

Hungary's Gablini Group signed an agreement with the luxury brand to open an Aston Martin salon in Hungary next May, state news service MTI reported. Hungary will be the first country in central and eastern Europe where the brand is available and the salon will serve the Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian, and Albanian markets. The Hungarian distributor expects to sell as many as 15 of the iconic cars that featured in James Bond movies in 2020 and plans to double sales over the next 2 years. The salon, to be located near the eastbound M3 highway, will have a floor space of 300 square meters for displaying Aston Martin cars. The Gablini Group, which has been active in the sale of new cars for more than 30 years, booked an annual revenue of HUF 17 billion in 2018. The U.K. brand will revamp its portfolio by introducing 7 new models over the coming years, with a special focus on sporty design, Thomas Kiesele, President of Aston Martin Europe said, according to MTI.


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