Orbico Hungary Business Development Manager, Gergely Kovács

Compatibility, Engagement and Sustainability

Orbico to step up as a strong regional and local player

Sándor Laczkó
January 24, 2020

Zagreb-based Orbico Group is the leading distributor for a large number of quality globally known brands ranging from beauty care products through food and non-food products, technical and electrical appliances to pharmaceuticals, toys, textile, cigarettes as well as motor oil products. It has been present on the Hungarian market since 2011.

Orbico Ltd., the owner and operator of Orbico Hungary + Orbico Beauty Hungary, is one of Hungary’s leading distributors. As the Business Development Manager of the company, Gergely Kovács explains to Diplomacy&Trade, Procter&Gamble, Shell, Bvlgari, Duracell, Kellogg, Bissel, Bolton and Lavazza are some of the largest brand owners in the world that trust their most precious asset, their brands' handling to Orbico.
The company offers complete commercial and distribution solutions, logistic, marketing and brand management services for a wide range of industries and categories. “We have strategic bonds and long-lasting partnerships with brand owners from the FMCG, electro, beauty, decor, perfume, toy and industrial lubricant categories. Our customers are also well-known market players ranging from multinational – to local retail chains, wholesalers, drugs, pharmacies, independent retail stores, petrol stations, stationeries, DIY chains, e-commerce players and special business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales channel players.”

Brand and product management
The Business Development Manager describes the different levels of service, which the company provides to brand owners, by starting with the highest level of added value, that is, full-scale distribution. “Full-scale distribution is the highest level of co-operation between a brand owner and a local business representative company. We can summarize this joint working relationship as brand and product management where we take care of building brand awareness and strengthening the brand equity elements of the partner’s brand besides taking care of excellent in-store and sales execution next to the logistics and operative challenges. We pride ourselves at being a front runner in terms of creating and executing brand focused sustainably profitable strategic plans with our brand and customer partners. We have our strengths in brand positioning, brand equity building, above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL) communication campaign planning and delivery, excellence in in-store and sales execution, planogram development and optimization as well as promotional execution. We operate on a Joint Business Planning basis with both our brand owners as well as our customers to create win-win agreements that keep our business relations strong and sustainable for a long time,” he says.

Brand positioning and product portfolio
Orbico also offers a semi-scale distribution service, which can be best characterized as product management. “We work out the Joint Business Plan with the brand owner together and offer the best possible execution in Hungary for them. The main focus is on the perfect execution of the brand owners’ positioning and product portfolio strategies. Building distribution and improving the quality of distribution are our hallmarks next to competitive activity monitoring,” Gergely Kovács adds.

Complex services
Orbico’s employees are excelling in the area of complex logistic services, which they tackle with the company’s own assets. Transportation, warehousing, legal and regulatory services, product registration, co-packing, labelling, forwarding locally in Hungary and in the region, all count as the company’s forte. Processes are supported by the company’s own IT systems, Transportation Management Software (TMS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). “Orbico works as a company cluster of 21 countries, which helps us to deliver the highest level of service for our regional or multinational clients. With this group or cluster approach, we can provide a streamlined and efficient commercial partnership for a geographically, culturally and financially colorful challenge in the Central - Eastern European region.
Besides the high-quality level of our service we put great emphasis on the training, engagement and equipment quality level of our employees, which we benchmark against the Western European niveau. Orbico Hungary’s professionalism and the quality of its training is underpinned by the possibility of international moves within its cluster of countries. The focus on the individual employee’s progress as well as the focus on individualized training lift the company above the region’s average distributors,” Gergely Kovács emphasizes.
The idea of an effective long-term business partnership can be summarized in three words, quoting the idea of László Kerekes, General Manager of Orbico Hungary: Compatibility between the two business partners; Engagement in the bilateral relationship management; and Sustainability meaning sustainable and profitable growth. “CES, the initials of the above three words, is also the acronym of our region: Central Europe South, which makes it easier to remember,” Gergely Kovács adds with a smile.
With all this extensive experience and expertise, Orbico looks into the future with ambitious plans and is looking forward to the contact of new business partners.

Sándor Laczkó

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