Ferdinand Gross logistics base in the Tatabánya Industrial Park | source: Ferdinand Gross Hungary Ltd.

Ferdinand Gross logistics base in Hungary

April 18, 2014

Ferdinand Gross Hungary Ltd., a German company affiliate, the wholesaler of screws and fasteners, small mounting parts and supplies, has inaugurated its logistics base in the Tatabánya industrial park, west of Budapest.

As managing director Péter Szilágyvári said, the warehouse system of 2,600 square meters, set up with an investment of HUF 710 million (appr. EUR 2.3 million), is the German parent company's first such establishment it owns abroad. Both the building and the size of the property allow the company to expand capacity many times should demand increase.

The company holds 7,000 kinds of supplies in stock and sends out 500 shipments a day. Ferdinand Gross Hungary Ltd. employs 20 people and the volume of sales planned for 2014 is to reach HUF 1.4 billion (over EUR 4.5 million).

In addition to the central office located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, the firm has subsidiaries or branches operating in the German city of Dresden, as well as in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania. Of the foreign subsidiaries, it is the Tatabánya logistics base that has the largest turnover.

In its domestic market, the German parent company is one of the largest suppliers of fastening technology. At the same time, the company is Germany’s longest operating bolt dealer, a family owned enterprise for 150 years. The group employs 250 people, has connections with 15,000 customers and in 2013, its annual turnover amounted to EUR 70 million.

At its central premises, the company permanently stocks hundreds of thousands of kinds of standard components and 25,000 kinds of custom made supplies. The dispatch department sells 5,000 items daily, the receiving and distribution of goods require the moving of 40 tons of material per day.


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