GreenGo in Prague

GreenGo Starts Foreign Expansion

August 28, 2019

Hungarian electric car sharing service GreenGo is entering the Czech market, offering the chance to environmentally-conscious drivers to use their cars in the Czech capital, according to a press statement by the company.

Budapest-based GreenGo was the first service provider to introduce electric community driving in Eastern Europe at the end of 2016. Their fleet of environmentally-friendly and electric cars has expanded from an initial 45 vehicles to 300 in two years. The number of GreenGo users is increasing despite the emergence of two major competitors, with the number of company's clients having risen eight fold. The service has now appeared on the streets of Prague as well, albeit in test mode for the time being.

“After Budapest, GreenGo wanted to operate an electric vehicle fleet in a city that is similar to our capital in terms of size, purchasing power and market opportunities, and is within easy reach for the Hungarian base," GreenGo CEO Bálint Michaletzky said. With a population of nearly 1.3 million, Prague is expected to see the launch of a service almost identical to the one in Budapest in the last quarter of 2019, following the test period.

Šimon Čapek, the Managing Director of GreenGo in Prague, has a management track record spanning many years. “After decades of regional corporate management tasks at headquarters in Europe and Asia, and dozens of successful product launches, Šimon has decided to use his knowledge to stand by local, innovative solutions. Sustainability is as much a matter of heart for him as it is for me,” Michaletzky said.


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