Diplomatic spouses in a carriage ride in Gyula | Noémi Bruzák / MTI

Diplomatic spouses visit Gyula

June 1, 2016

At the invitation of Anita Herczegh, the wife of Hungarian President János Áder, a group of members (about 30 people) of the Diplomatic Spouses Budapest (DSB), took part in a journey to the southeastern Hungarian town of Gyula.

AS DSB says on its social media page, "Experiencing the adventure and the romance of the years gone by. A journey aboard the Orient Express was a step back in time to the best that train travel had to offer in the 1920s.

After rolling through sublime scenery on the way to the Békés region, the moments to treasure followed one after another: a unique exhibition in the Almásy Palace, the medieval Castle of Gyula, the “Szazeves” confectionery, a horse show."


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