DSB visit to the Millennium House

Diplomatic Spouses Visit Millennium House

November 21, 2019

Anita Herczegh, wife of the President of the Republic of Hungary, visited the recently opened Millennium House exhibition in the Városliget (City Park) in Budapest this Wednesday with the spouses of mission leaders accredited in Hungary.

The Ambassadors' spouses, partners take part in a cultural program every fall in Budapest, Anita Herczegh was quoted as saying by the Hungarian news agency MTI. She added that she always strives to present a piece of music, architectural or fine art heritage, as it is important for anyone who lives here as an ambassador or spouse to become acquainted with Hungarian culture.

This time, she showed her guests the Millennium House, an important part of the history of Budapest, which has recently opened and thus, has probably not been seen by many. The exhibition at the Millennium House shows the outstanding role of City Park in the development of Budapest through seven stages.

She also mentioned that the embassies will hold a traditional charity fair this Sunday, showcasing the products of their countries and offering the proceeds to Hungarian organizations.

The Millennium House

Among the oldest structures in the park, the building was formerly a venue for the ‘Hungarian millennium’ exhibition. The house was restored with a focus on tradition but in accordance with the standards of the 21st century, opening with a temporary exhibition showcasing the golden age of the Városliget. It will later hark back to the most successful period in Hungary's modern history with a permanent, interactive display focusing on turn-of-the-century Budapest.

Designed by Ferenc Pfaff, the structure was built as an arts hall for the 1885 National General Exhibition, and the critics of the day felt that it was one of the most beautiful elements of the event thanks to the unique Zsolnay decorations. However, the house almost immediately proved inadequate for exhibitions, so, the significantly larger Hall of Art was built a few years later and still operates today. The house later functioned as the Budapest Museum, but it was damaged during World War II and the original interior décor was destroyed. With the establishment of the Art Foundation in the 1950s, the building was used as a sculptors' studio, before the Fine Art Production Company later moved its headquarters here and later came under the ownership of the Hungarian Creative Art Public Endowment, but a suitable artistic or cultural function was never found for it.

The restoration began in late 2017 and took place according to the original architectural blueprints, returning the building's imposing spaces to their former glory.


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