Hungarian-born Hollywood actress dies |

Hungarian-born Hollywood actress dies

66-year actress Ahna Capri has died after a serious traffic accident in Hollywood. She is best known for her partnership with Bruce Lee in the classic movie ‘Enter the dragon’.

Ahna Capri died August 19, ten days after suffering serious injuries in a collision between the car she was driving and a five-ton truck on a street in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California in the United States. She was taken to hospital but never regained consciousness.

Ahna Capri was born as Annamária Nánási in Budapest in 1944. She first appeared on American television as a child actress in 1956 and participated in TV shows until 1979. She played in a few feature films, as well. Her best known role was that of Tania in the 1973 classic martial arts movie ‘Enter the dragon’. In the '70s, she was regarded as one of the most attractive actresses of the film industry.

Sándor Laczkó

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