Green Economic Forum

April 17, 2015

Addressing the challenges of the global economy's transition from the linear model to the circular economy, EuCham European Chamber is hosting the Green Economic Forum on May 11 in Budapest. Attending is free of charge for accepted registrants.

This year, the Green Economic Forum - held in English at the Kinnarps Center in the Hungarian capital's 13th dictrict - addresses the challenges of the global economy's transition from the linear model, which is no longer sustainable, to the circular economy. Organizations and businesses will be able to share their experiences and ideas on environmentally conscious principles and practices, which reinforce innovation and enable a restorative economy.

Limited availability of natural resources is a great challenge for our societies. Understanding the concept of the circular economy is the key to identifying bigger opportunities for improvement of businesses and changing the preconceived approach of “take, make and dispose”.

The organizers remind that our planet is no longer able to sustain the expansion of the economic activity. Therefore, redefinition or shift from the widely used model of the linear economy is inevitable. Decreasing availability of natural resources, climate change and growing problems of waste disposal are the issues, that require a rapid response; circular economy is one of them.

The model is based on the use of renewable energy and elimination of toxic chemicals, which aims to create a closed loop of material flows and redesign of industrial processes. The concept was widely discussed by the business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos and is one of the focus areas of the European Union, which is trying to put the circular economic approach into legislative framework.

The event will gather companies and organizations, improving their own efforts towards a circular economy and urging businesses to respond to the sustainability challenge by setting common principles.

For more information and application to attend, please, go to:


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