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HEINEKEN continues plastic-free glass campaign

June 11, 2018

Due to favorable consumer feedback, HEINEKEN Hungária decided to continue its campaign promoting plastic-free glassware launched in May. According to the experiences of the May campaign and the company's recent research, 93% of Hungarians prefer plastic degradable packaging, and are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly solutions.

HEINEKEN Hungária launched its plastic-free movement in May this year.
For a month, the company's beers were offered in degradable plant-based
so-called PLA cups at four restaurants. The campaign was preceded by a representative
omnibus research, which was supplemented by a questionnaire survey conducted at
the catering venues in May. Favorable feedback has convinced the brewery's
leadership that it is worth taking the initiative.

In research, it is very rare that nearly every responder answers the questions
the same way. Yet, that is what happened in the survey about environmentally
friendly packaging. 93% of those questioned prefer degradable packaging to plastics.
About four of the one hundred respondents said they did not care. Also, an
overwhelming majority (98%) – regardless of place of residence or education – finds
it important to produce less waste.

The results of the representative research were
also confirmed by the May test of degradable glasses. 79% of the respondents
said it was important for them to drink beer from an eco-friendly glass and not
from a plastic one.


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