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Hungarian gov't to wait until EC probe on Paks 2

March 21, 2016

Until the conclusion of the probe the European Commission (EC) is currently conducting to make sure the construction of two new nuclear reactors for the country's Paks nuclear power plant does not lead to distortions of competition, the Hungarian government will not draw from a EUR 10 billion loan facility provided by Russia.

This latest intention by the Hungarian government is known from a letter to Hungarian MEP Benedek Jávor, written by János Lázár, cabinet chief to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian financial website reports.

In a statement, Jávor reminded that, although, the EU executive did not explicitly request Hungary to put on hold all public procurements related to the expansion of the Paks NPP until the end of investigations, it was a strong recommendation nevertheless. He thinks it is not only about competition concerns but also concerns regarding the compatibility of the project with EU public procurement rules.

The letter also says, according to Jávor, that the government will not start drawing from the EUR 10 bn Russian loan facility until the end of the EC probe. The MEP said this was the right call but could cause delays in the project.


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