Chimney sweepers at the Hungarian President

New Year Wishes

January 3, 2020

Chimney sweepers wished a lucky and happy New Year to President János Áder and, through him, to all Hungarians on Friday in the Office of the President of the Republic.

As in previous years, the head of state received two Budapest chimney sweep masters, Zsolt Nagy and Péter Király, on the terrace of the Sándor Palace overlooking the River Danube.
As a custom, János Áder tore a bristle each from his guests' broom to bring them luck, then clinked glasses of sparkling wine with the chimney sweepers who were wearing a white shawl and top hat.
The chimney sweepers of the capital have been greeting the heads of state since the 1990s based on traditions from German-speaking areas. Their symbolic visit to the Head of State aims to bring the entire Hungarian nation luck for the New Year.


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