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Smart Accessibility Plan in Hungary

November 22, 2017

Within a few months, the corporate employees of Heineken Hungária undertook to rate the accessibility of ten thousand local service providers like shops, coffes, bars and restaurants in Hungary to help the users of the Route4U accessibility application on mobile phones.

As Márta Pálfalvi, the company's Corporate Affairs and Communications Director put it, "at HEINEKEN, we believe that we have to act in a community spirit both as individuals and as a company. This is how we can do great things. And this is why we have joined the volunteer program of Route4u in which 150 of our colleagues will rate the accessibility of more than 24,000 places in Hungary so helping the disabled community, wheelchair users and moms with prams. Join us as volunteer and let’s do the good together!”

According to the initiative's website, while full accessibility is not always possible, showing the working alternatives can effectively help people with reduced mobility live a full, happy and productive life.

People with reduced mobility represent more than 40% of the population. 2% of the population needs a wheelchair and their number is doubling every decade.

The technology is available to provide an instant, cost-efficient, customized solution.

Volunteers, local businesses, property managers, enterprises and cities join forces to create a global accessibility map as they have recognized that it is good for society, good for business, and people with reduced mobility deserve it.


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