The heads of the national election authorities with the composition of the new parliament. | Lajos Soós /MTI

Governing parties retain power in Hungary

April 9, 2018

According to unofficial results (based on 98,96% tally of the votes), the ruling party Fidesz and its satellite partner KDNP have won two thirds of the 199 seats in Hungarian parliament at the general elections held this Sunday.

According to these results, the ruling parties will have 133 members of parliament (MPs) in the national assembly - 91 from individual constituencies and 42 from the party list. The right-wing opposition party Jobbik will have 26 MPs (1 from individual constituencies and 25 from the party list) with the Socialist-Dialog coalition 20 (8 + 12), the Democratic Coalition 9 (3+6) and the green party LMP  8 (1+7) seats. The Együtt ('Together') party won one constituency as did an independent candidate.

According to the peculiar rules of the Hungarian election system, set by the current governing parties in 2011, Fidesz-KDNP is likely to have a two-thirds majority in parliament despite the fact that they received less votes on the party list that the opposition parties combined.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán received congratulations on the victory from his Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki as well as from the heads of several right-wing parties in Western Europe.


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